Probate is much maligned. To some folks, it’s worse than dying because it has created a lot of bad reps.

Handling assets after a loved one’s death isn’t easy because it’s sure to encounter many legal bumps in the form of probate. One thing you need to know about the probate process is that it can always be time-consuming and expensive.

So, what is probate, and why do most people hate it?

Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased’s will and their estate for either retitling or transfer to the beneficiaries mentioned in the will. …

The revival of country music by few famous artists lately has helped the audience rise by 9% alone in the past five years.

Here’s another interesting fact about country music. Eighty-two percent of listeners are tech-forward and use smartphones.

Indeed, the advent of faster broadband and a massive surge in smartphone usage has helped country music reach new heights!

Why is country music so popular?

Top 10 Country Musicians you need to know about!
Top 10 Country Musicians you need to know about!

It isn’t like only the people from the South prefer listening to country music. A study by Country Music Association (CMA)…

Hiring a contractor is an expensive affair. Most homeowners pay a significant amount to get their home renovations and repairs done in time. Depending on the project, the contractor could charge from $50 for minor repair to $30,000 for heavy work like foundational repair.

Imagine you have hired a licensed and recommended contractor who promised to complete the work satisfactorily, but instead of improving it, he devalued your project. What would you do?

Giving unsatisfactory work isn’t the only problem with the worst contractors. …

The legal profession is often ridiculed and stereotyped in media such as films, TV shows, and cartoons which gives an impression that lawyers are nothing less than liars and thieves.

For few professionals, it’s true, but for the large number of professionals being a lawyer means upholding the law, fighting for justice, and running the greater legal responsibilities without which people will be deprived of fundamental rights and privileges.

If you’ve been contemplating studying law, you should keep a fact in mind…

Music has been an integral and essential part of human life. The historical evolution of music marks the development of human civilization from foragers to modern beings. Since all people, including the most isolated tribal groups, have some form of music, it may be concluded that music has played an essential role in shaping and nurturing our society.

With music playing such an essential role in our life, it’s more than essential that we contribute to preserving music, hence a music museum.

What is a music museum important?

We tend to think of museums as places that house ancient art and artifacts or relics, but have…

Yes, inbound marketing techniques such as social media marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing churns more clients and revenue than paid advertising, including newspaper and Google ads.

It’s easier to reach your potential clients through social media than any other medium because of all adults with Internet access, 71% use social media.

The same is true for legal attorneys as well, where 96% of respondents in an AttorneyAtWork survey said that they use social media channels, and 70% used it as part…

Traveling the right way will save you a lot of embarrassment. But, unfortunately, many novice travelers often end up making mistakes when visiting a new place. From throwing garbage on the street, forgetting to carry a passport at all times, feeding wildlife, to disrespecting local culture, the list of travel mistakes is endless.

With the advent of digital technology, the world is interconnected. Since every resource is available on the internet, it will be a grave mistake not to research your trip destination. reports that,

It is common to make a few careless mistakes when traveling and exploring the…

If you’ve heard of trust funds but don’t exactly know what they are and how they can benefit you, you’re not alone.

Not many people are aware of setting up an estate plan which benefits their loved ones when they pass away or become incapacitated (inability to perform mental or physical tasks).

Setting up a trust is a part of estate planning that protects your trust assets and properties from going through probate court or heavy estate taxes. This is done so to ensure that most of your estate goes to the beneficiary without legal hurdles.

Don’t confuse the fact…

Many tourists visit the world to explore the geographical riches, ancient culture, and exquisite cuisines. Still, only a handful of travelers ever explore different corners of the world to find out more about its music and history.

Each country and culture has its music, but only a handful of places are popularly known for their music. Here is the list of such places around the globe that you should bookmark for your next music-travel experience.

Nine Destinations Popular for their Music

If music is a significant element of your own travel experience, you’ll want to tune in to these fantastic destinations.

Liverpool, England

Liverpool is the northwest English…

Estate planning isn’t a space science. All it takes is managing your estate so that your beneficiary can receive the maximum benefit from it.

Many middle-class Americans assume that estate planning is only for the rich. If you own anything; a car, a house, an insurance policy, or a bank balance, then you qualify for estate planning.

Let’s put it this way; your estate will go through the legal process of probate before being assigned to the correct beneficiary. Without a proper estate plan, your property is open for the contest from families or friends and a heavy estate tax.

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